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Cellar 626


In 2015, it became apparent that Cyclone Liquors was in need of a bigger tasting room to accommodate all the classes that Roger and the rest of the staff where doing onsite.   Brian and Roger began to discuss a larger space with more room to hold 20-30 people for a given tasting.  Brian hired architect Jeff Mills and contractor DSM Design to help create the space.  They soon modified the plans to include a bar during the process.  After Brian ordered a cooler door and having it installed Cyclone ended up with a fully functional speakeasy in the back and going well over the original budget.

The concept changed into having an open bar one night a week with event space on other nights.  The drinks were all crafted from unique ingredient specific to Cyclone Liquors and named for someone who had a history with Cyclone Liquors or one of the owners.  It has since become one of the highest honors to have a drink named after you or to make the wall of pictures in the backroom.  The menu includes dinks named for employees:  Rog-ma-hall, The Cliff, Little Mike, Sam, Cale and others.  Drinks for former and current owners:  The Stan, Denny, Regina, Karlton, Allison and Monique.  Named Cellar 626 it has become a hotspot for people in the know.

The Cellar continues to garner attention making appearances in USA today’s coolest bar in each state (Iowa Selection), Sir Magazines 2017 Issue and again in 2019 for the Des Moines Registers Top Speakeasies in the Des Moines Metro.   It continues to be a private chill atmosphere that is not advertised and still remains a secret to many in central Iowa.   In 2019 the podcast debut of the “Cellar Show” was born and continues to showcase some of the interesting people we continue to meet through our endeavors. 


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